How To Bypass Hammer VPN Dialy Limit and Get More Servers

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How To Bypass Hammer VPN Dialy Limit and Get More Servers

Post by lharrywizzy » Mon Feb 11, 2019 7:58 am

We all know Hammer VPN Free server are capped at around 150Mb per day. In order to enjoy unlimited data on Hammer VPN, you need to subscribe for a Premium account. :mrgreen:

The latest MTN Hammer VPN cheat is truly unlimited, but you can't browse or download unlimitedly using just Free Server because it's capped at 150Mb or so, that's why I made this post.

In this post, I will teach you how to get unlimited data usage on Hammer VPN Free server. Interesting right? Ofcourse it is. This tutorial is quite technical, so you have to follow my steps carefully.

How To Bypass Hammer VPN Daily Limit


Your Android phone
Hammer VPN Mod - Download Here (incase you don't have it)
ES File Explorer - Download Here
Your Brain is required too :)

Now listen to this, it's very important. We all know that Hammer VPN gives popup notification on the number of Sessions we have used on the server. You might get upto 4 notifications on the number of Sessions used, but whenever you get the second or third session notification, you then have to apply this simple trick.

> Force Stop your Hammer VPN app.
Goto Settings > Apps > Locate Hammer VPN, tap on it and then Force Stop it.

> Open ES file explorer, tap the Menu icon which is located at the top-left corner of the screen. Scroll down and toggle ON Show Hidden Files.

> Still in the Menu, scroll up and tap on Local, then tap on SD Card. Now you will see all the folders in your SD card.

> Tap on Android folder, inside it you will see a file named .playstor.srf.h

> Now, open the file. You will see some numbers like 09-78217944.

> The first two numbers are today's date. All you have to do is change it to the next date. For example, today's date is 09. Change it to 10, then save and exit.

> Go back to your Hammer VPN and connect again.

Keep repeating this step whenever you get the second or third session notification or whenever you are about to exhaust your daily limit.

Make sure you do not finish the daily usage or limit before doing this, else it won't work for you. You then have to wait till the next day before you can be able to apply this trick. :mrgreen:

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