90campus : Now Upgraded To Tech Forum

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90campus : Now Upgraded To Tech Forum

Post by lharrywizzy » Sun Feb 10, 2019 12:37 am


:mrgreen: Congratulations to all our esteemed members and guests as we're declaring 90campus.com.ng today 10-02-2019 as an Online Tech Forum.

On behalf of My Team & I, we're using this opportunity to inform the good users & members of 90campus.com.ng that we're now an Online Tech Forum.
Recently we moved from blogspot to wordpress, but due to large requests and important action to make, we decided to shift our website from a blog to a forum where we could all discuss, interact and help ourselves.

To those updated 24/7 on our whatsapp group, you might have noticed some recent changes like preventing our members from posting due to the fact that we were trying to prevent spamming & scamming.

With the new changes we've made, believe me :mrgreen: 90campus is now ready to blow 👆 as we're moving up towards the greatest level in the technology world..

Benefits Of Migration To Members & Guests:
To all our devoted members & guests, the benefit of our migration is far more than brief explanation of our achievements, but in other to explain better, i will just be brief and concise..

▹ Ability to create topics
▹ Ability to interact
▹ Ability to join tech geeks
▹ Ability to publish ones idea about the internet
▹ Free E-books & Tutorials
▹ All Tech Related Issues
▹ Developing Ideas
▹ Communication
▹ Loyalty
▹ Effective Tech Updates 🔥..

We will keep updating everyone about the changes, if you are new to our forum and would love to join us, kindly register to become our Tech family.

Thanks ▹ Admin 🌟

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